Custom Language

If your language is not available between the supplied ones, you can translate the avatarMaker by yourself and it will take just a couple of minutes.

To create a new translation file simply copy and paste an existing one inside the local directory renaming it as you want. The naming scheme followed is to name the file using the iso code of the language. Languages are held in simple PHP files that can be edited with any text editor we recommend notepad++ on windows.

Once opened you should be presented with something like this:

return array(

    'sm_random'     => 'Random',
    'sm_download'   => 'Download',

    'sm_credits'    => 'Avatar Maker by',

    'dw_preparing'  => 'We are creating your avatar!',
    'dw_wait'       => 'Please wait...',

    'tm_head'       => 'Head',
    'tm_ears'       => 'Ears',
    'tm_eyes'       => 'Eyes',
    'tm_eyebrows'   => 'Eyebrows',
    'tm_nose'       => 'Nose',
    'tm_mouth'      => 'Mouth',
    'tm_hair'       => 'Hair',
    'tm_objects'    => 'Objects',
    'tm_background' => 'Background',

    'cm_colors'     => 'Colors'


Translate the phrases contained in the values of the array and save the file. Now you can update the configuration file to use of your new language.


Due to the caching system used by the avatarMaker, after updating or creating a language file you must manually clear the cache folder (Do not delete the folder itself) or the changes will be ignored.