Custom items and layers

The avatarMaker has been designed with flexibility in mind. You can easily add layers by editing a couple of lines of code and items by copying them into a folder.

Custom Layers

You can add a new layer in 4 simple steps:

The new layer should now be working as expected.

Custom Items

Adding new item is easy as uploading a file into a folder. From version 3.1 the base images can be of any size and not just square like in previous releases. Remember to set the appropriate measures in the configuration file.

If you want to create new items, you can start from scratch or extend the default set using the supplied illustrator file. Once you have finished drawing, export it as a png and upload it to the appropriate category folder in the assets directory. The new item will be recognized automagically and will but available in the client app after clearing the cache.


Due to the caching system used by the avatarMaker, after uploading a new item you must manually clear the cache folder (Do not delete the folder itself) or it will be ignored.

Here are some examples of how items should be to work properly:

Item Note
Base If an item will not be colored by the avatarMaker you can use colors in it, they will not be altered.
Base Items that will be tinted must be grayscale only or the final image will not be colored properly. The image will be converted in a gradient between the tint color and black.

Advices for creating new items