AvatarMaker | Version 2.0 | V2001C
Bug Code V2001C
Product AvatarMaker
Version 2.0
Reported by Te_Melko
Date 02/11/2017
Status FIXED


The random-function don’t work with all avatar-traits…” Only the 2 first avatar-traits (e.g. head_1 & head_2 or mouth_1 & mouth_2) change in the random function, but if you got for example 15 “hair-traits”, then you need a random-function what changed the traits of the 15 different hair-traits and not only the 2 first.

If you don't want to manually patch your application, you can download the most recent release from the marketplace. It is always updated with the latest fixes.

Manual Fix

Find the following line of code in source/js/jquery.avatarmaker.js (Should be around line 230)

AV_selectedTraits[t] = trait[1][Math.floor(Math.random()*trait.length)];

Replace it with

AV_selectedTraits[t] = trait[1][Math.floor(Math.random()*trait[1].length)];

Save a minified version of the js file as upload/js/jquery.avatarmaker.js